About us

Negah gallery is Located In The heart of Tehran, Where It Has A Major Group Of Local Artists and galleries in their neighborhood .  previously we were active in Lavasan which is one of the most prestigious suburb of Tehran. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Negah Gallery Tehran : It Is Located In A quiet Area Where A Customer Can Take Their Time To Choose From Either , The Existent Exhibition , Or There Choice Of Art Piece In our Stock. we also have a giftshop with a great selection of handmade jewellery, ceramics, handmade glass, candle-lights, etc… _________________________________ U Can Contact Us: +۹۸۹۳۵۱۰۸۸۹۷۱ +۹۸۲۱۸۸۴۹۳۱۴۱ _... ادامه مطلب